Grow Love, Passion, and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Are you longing to feel connected to your partner? To recapture the excitement in your relationship? To discover new levels of intimacy?

Together, we’ll explore pathways to a loving relationship. We’ll invest in your connection — supporting you to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Our work together might include:

  • Exploring & expressing: Noticing, valuing, and voicing what you want individually and for the couple; and identifying unexplored relationship possibilities
  • Giving & receiving: When you touch your partner, who is it for? Learn to let go of behaviors that lead to pleasing, resentment or performing
  • Touch & Connection: Breaking patterns around touch; expanding your erotic potential; creating a sense of play in your affection, touch, and sex

Participating in a coaching session can feel vulnerable, especially if you do so with a partner. These sessions are a safe, supportive space to create tools to connect with each other; to establish a sense of intimacy and autonomy; and to gain a clearer idea of your desires — and the courage to voice them.

What Others Are Saying

“After participating in a workshop with Robyn, my wife and I discussed at length the tools and ideas we learned and made adjustments to our communication and how we make requests of each other. It has definitely deepened our relationship and opened up opportunities for more growth.” ~ Jeff R, Seattle

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