Joy and Sensuality Are Your Birthright

Using somatic practices and verbal coaching, I support people of all sexual orientations and genders. We’ll work together to recognize what you want, to ask for it and to receive it. No two people are the same, so no two sessions look the same.

Our sessions might include:

  • Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®) Sessions: a gentle, guided approach to help the body naturally calm the nervous system
  • Setting boundaries as an act of self-care: How to say yes and no to the things you want in life
  • Exploring desires: Finding your authentic expression of what feels good to you
  • Consent: Distinguishing between what you want (for you) and what you are willing to engage in (for others)
  • Touch & connection: Learning to connect authentically and with ease

I guide you in finding the freedom to feel alive, creative, connected, and empowered — to transform not only your sex life, but every other aspect of your life as well.

What Others Are Saying

“This workshop was amazing. I'm holding onto that experience in every fiber of my being and every last cell. I've taken so many of these workshops from various types of places but this is the only one that helped me see exactly where I am and where I have a choice to empower myself through touch, pleasure, and action.” ~ Client, San Francisco

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